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diy dinghy building

Diy Marine Plywood Dinghy

A collection of pictures and information about the building of a small marine plywood dinghy. The dinghy can be sailed, motored or rowed. The building of the dinghy was made not in a workshop but outside, open to the elements. This was not a problem as construction was carried out in the summer months. When it was time for the varnishing a still warm day was chosen and tarpaulins were erected around the dinghy. No power tools were used as there was no electricty, so everything was done by hand.

It is quite suprising what can be made with basic tools. Before construction was started a jig had to be made. This had to be accurate. Once that was completed the panels were marked out onto the plywood and then cut. Handling the eight foot by six feet sheets of plywood was quite tricky, not having a bench to cut them on.

The hull sides and bottom were glued and taped together, there were no nails or tacks used. The strength of the fibreglass tape and epoxy resin combined was more than strong enough to hold it all together. Once this part had been completed it was then time to work on the inside. Fitting of the seats and the mast support and locker at the bow. A slot was cut to one side of the center of the hull so a board could be dropped through so as to act as a fin; this provided grip in the water and stopped the dinghy getting blown across the water when sailing. The mast is in two parts. The tiller is made from two pieces of marine ply glued together. Rowlocks were fitted. The stern was strong enough for a small outboard motor to be fitted.

The diy dinghy was made out of 6mm marine plywood for a lighter dinghy maybe 4mm could have been used. There are many pictures showing the building from start to finish of this small plywood dinghy with descriptions and information.

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Diy Dinghy Pictures and Information

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