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Sailing Boat Information

Sailing Boat picture description: A great day for sailing, sun shining, blue skies, sea is calm and there is a fair wind.

Information about the Sailing Boat image: A classic wooden long keel sailing boat, this boat is known as a sloop. The hull is painted white. There is an autopilot system fitted. The skipper and crew can be seen. There is a light breeze so full sail is rigged. In the distance you can see land, this is a summer landscape in England. This vessel is sailing up the estaury, nr Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

Photograph Image: Sailing Boat.

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Sailing Boat Picture

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The boat picture gallery has a good collection of images of various boats. Including sailing boat pictures, images of barges, life boat pictures, small sailing boats. Fin keel boats and bilge keel boat pictures. Sailing is a popular pastime for many people. There are many small coastal cruisers that are used just for a day's sailing, pottering around the beautiful coastline of Britain.